Endoscope And Special Instrument Repair

Steril Medical offers a comprehensive diagnostic and repair service for endoscopes and Surgical Instruments, including those used in microsurgery.

Highly Reputable Manufacturer, Well Known Internationally For Their Wound Drainage Systems And Surgical Instruments

In partnership with Van Straten Medical, a highly reputable manufacturer, well known internationally for their wound drainage systems and surgical instruments, we can now offer a convenient service to hospitals, endoscopic centres and doctors requiring regular servicing of the instruments used for endoscopy or surgery.

We will arrange for the collection of instruments, send it to VSM and obtain a report on any detected fault, the service necessary and the limit to full restoration. A quotation for the service and time to be taken for work completion will be given and actual repair and servicing started only after consent has been given. For more information, contact HAQ at haq@sterilmedical.com

Background Information Of Van Straten Medical

Van Straten Medical is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments and disposables.

We manufacture for and supply to:

Our offerings of innovative solutions contributes to the worldwide healthcare sector by increasing the lifespan of medical devices, introducing new technologies and simultaneously reducing the costs.

Manufacturing, fixation and supply of surgical instruments and endoscopes. Founded by Jaap van Straten in 1975. Edisonbaan 20, 3439 MN, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE on manufacturing of surgical appliances.

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